Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

What we recommend:

Deep Clean

If this will be your first time using our services we recommend you apply for a  deep clean. This will allow us to spend more time cleaning those areas that need extra attention, like kitchens, bath rooms and bed room.

Regular Clean

After we have performed a deep clean, we recommend a bi-weekly regular cleaning to help maintain your home to it’s most immaculate condition. That will help to allow you and, your family friends more time for those adventures that need your attention.

Lite clean

A lite cleaning can be used when a residents will be occupied again after a little well, such as in the case of a taking a extended vacation. For a lite clean, we will mainly focus on tiding up. We will perform some lite dusting, floor cleaning, and make sure your home is ready for you when you return.

Regular and deep cleaning will included window cleaning around the entrance of your home.